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Deltaport Logistics Centre

TFN Government, through the TFN Economic Development Corporation, is bringing lands to the market for residential, commercial and industrial uses in order to support growth and economic development that will benefit the TFN community.  Deltaport Logistics Centre is TFN’s newest addition to its portfolio, offering long-term leasehold land for the development of world class logistics facilities for companies utilising Canada’s largest western port and the entrance to Canada’ PacificGateway project.

Please visit the Deltaport Logistics Centre website : http://www.deltaportlogisticscentre.com/

To download the Delta Logistics Centre Brochure, click on the image bellow.


  • TFN Economic Development Corporation

    Established in 2009, under the BC Corporations Act to develop Tsawwasssen Lands in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner and to facilitate business relationships. TEDC actively seeks partners to create developments that will:

    — generate short and long term land lease and revenue

    — build Member capacity by providing training and employment opportunites for our Members and their businesses

    — respect the values of the TFN Community

    Our shareholders are all of the TFN Members and we are guided by expereinced Board of Directors comprised of TFN Members and non-members.

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